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Bible Study

The Bible is the only source of absolute divine authority and power (2 Timothy 3:16-17). When understood correctly, it will inform you of God's mind, heart and will for your life. That’s why Bible study is so important.

Bible study and prayer is how we engage and maintain an intimate relationship with God. It has been said that the scriptures are His love letter to His children. But this letter does us no good if we don’t read and study it so that we may know His heart and conform to His will. 

Weekly Bible Study Groups

Book of Galations AM: A survey of the Apostle Paul's letter in which he provides a contrast in life between the Spirit and the flesh.

Date/Time:   Mondays 8:00a-9:15a
Facilitator:    Eric Godfrey
Group:         COED

Book of Galatians PM: A survey of the Apostle Paul's letter in which he provides a contrast in life between the Spirit and the flesh.

Date/Time:   Mondays 7:00p-8:30p
Facilitator:    Eric Godfrey
Group:         COED

Oneness Embraced: Encompassing areas of unity, history, culture, the church and social justice

Date/Time:   Thursday 7:00p-8:15p
Facilitator:    Yolonde Rocio
Group:         COED

The Gospel and Social Justice: Can we find the answers to the questions regarding race, culture, reconciliation and biblical justice?

Date/Time:    Wednesday 7:00p-8:30p
Facilitator:     Derwin Peppers
Group:          Men

Finding Strength During the COVID 19 Pandemic: Trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit during these unprecedented times.

Date/Time:    Thursdays 7:00p-8:30p
Facilitator:     Ester Montgomery
Group:          Women

Young Adult Bible Study: This study connects young adults as they walk through the Christian faith together.

Date/Time:    Tuesdays 7:00p-8:15p
Facilitator:     Quinton/Kierra Godfrey
Group:          Young Adults

To register for one of the above Bible Studies click here: Bible Studies


Evangelism Training

We have tool via Evantell that will equip and empower you with the basics of building conversational bridges that lead to sharing the Gospel
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John 15 Discipleship Curriculum

John 15 is one of the most detailed discussions by Jesus on the fruitful characteristics of the Christian life, one that is intimately abiding with the Savior. The Embrace curriculum is New Life Fellowship core discipleship study. It is our vision that each member of New Life has experienced this foundational lesson by Jesus Christ

Download Study Guide PDF
Download In Depth Word PDF


Life Groups is another way to go deeper in God's Word.  Visit our Life Groups page to find out how you can get involved.

Bible Reading Plan

OWNit365 is a online Bible reading plan. The “One Story” plan takes you through the key stories of the Bible in one year. The plan shows how the many stories of the Bible make up one interconnected story – God’s story. The plan calls for reading between one to three chapters of Scripture a day from three separate chapters (i.e. the main storyline and key cross references), six days per week. You can either read your daily selection, or have it read to you. Get started today!


  • Download and open the OWNit365 app
  • Choose plans, then One Story
  • Select Read or Listen and then Today’s Reading or Listening.


  • Type www.OWNit365.com into your web browser
  • Click Pick a Plan, then One Story
  • Click the week and choose the day you want to begin
  • Click passage and begin reading

Other Bible Reading Plan

5x5x5 Bible Reading Plan - Download now 

365 Day Bible Reading Plan - Download now