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    201 E. Sublett Road, Arlington, TX 76018

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  • Sunday: 8:30a, 10a, 11:45a

4+1 College Ministry

4+1 means that we are engaging students all four years of high school plus one additional year (whether students are in college, the military or the workforce). Rather than shifting all of our attention away after they graduate, our hope is to provide support and encouragement in four ways during this critical time of transition.

  1. Care: Students will receive care packages with essential items to assist with campus living.
  2. Call: Youth leaders will call to hear about their experiences and also to pray for them.
  3. ConnectStudents will receive help connecting with solid churches, college ministries and mentors to help nurture their spiritual development.
  4. Community: Over the winter and summer breaks, we will provide fellowship opportunities for students to maintain Christian community. 

For more information about the 4+1 Ministry, contact Harry Bailey at