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Increase Our Reach

Increase Our Reach


I am excited that we are now able to provide you with a monthly update on our construction project. This has been both a challenging and joyful journey. Needless to say, this project has been in the works since 2014, and it is still hard to believe how far God has brought us. As I daily walk through the site, I am beginning to actually visualize the areas where our children and youth will assemble for worship, bible study, and fellowship. The foundation has been laid, exterior frame has been erected, electrical outlets are now being installed as well as interior framing. Praise God we have not encountered many significant setbacks so things are moving very smoothly. At this point, we have a tentative completion date of late March or early April.

BuildingProgess1 Building Progress2 Building Progress2 Building Progress 4

As we celebrate our 15- year anniversary, I am pretty overwhelmed to think that we started with a few people at a YMCA with no building, no land, but plenty of faith. Our theme for this year is, “There is no us without You,” and this, we really mean! God bless all of you and thank you for your tremendous sacrifice to the vision of New Life Fellowship.

Our Stewardship Campaign is crucial to the completion of our project. There are several aspects of the construction project that will be completed based on the Campaign Income, such as the remodel of the existing space, furnishing, audio/visual equipment, and check in computers for the new space just to name a few. We are asking that you remain faithful as you have been to your pledges. Our goal is to Finish Well!

Capital Stewardship Campaign
An organized plan that mobilizes our membership and friends to make a sacrificial financialCapital Campaign gift to a designated project over a period of time, based on a spiritual journey designed to grow our faith while emphasizing practical biblical stewardship.

We have spent the beginning of this year praying and you have participated as we provided details on our plans for the future. The grace of God and the faithfulness of our members over the years is the reason New Life exists today. We are relying on our church’s unity and the power of our shared Acts 2 Kingdom vision to bridge the gap between our current and our future reality.

Commit to a special season of prayer. Ask God to speak to you through His Word and give you a clearer understanding of stewardship.

Capital Campaign PLEDGE
Prayerfully consider making a generous financial pledge to our expansion plans. Ask God to guide you, discuss with your family if applicable, and deter- mine what a sacrificial gift would be for your house-hold, over and above your regular giving.

  • Refer to the 3-year potential giving potential grid as a reference.
  • Complete the pledge commitment card submit at our pledge service on March 26 or now online
  • Bring your first fruit offering (the first part of your commitment pledge).

Capital CampaignTHE PROJECT
Our goal is to add 2020 square feet for a Welcome Center, Ministry Office renovation, 7372 square feet in additional classroom space and 50 additional parking spaces. The cost of construction will be approximately $2 million. This project is currently being priced by contractors. Construction will begin with the parking lot expansion.

Completion of the project will alleviate space issue both inside and within the walls of our building. This will allow us to touch more lives and impact more families in our community…allowing us to INCREASE OUR REACH.

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Campaign Brochure
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Prayer Guide
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