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Life Groups


What’s New with Life Groups?

The heart and vision for our church is that you will be connected to someone else. We want to be the kind of church that as we are walking though life we have somebody walking with us; supporting us in those good times and especially the difficult ones. We want to be a church that values relationships; that values community.

Vision for New Groups
To create connections with others around common interests; for the purpose of stimulating one another to love and good deeds; by encouraging one another as we gather together in meaningful groups.

Life Groups have always been foundational to our ministry. Cultivating (genuine) relationships is a core value of New Life Fellowship. But we don’t want to merely be a church with groups, we want to be a church of groups. It’s our desire to provide opportunities for the people of our congregation to connect with one another; to experience the mutual strength, growth, and encouragement that comes as we are connected in community.

Not Changing the ‘What’ but the ‘How’

Groups will be structured around three sessions per year that are 10-12 weeks in length. We are offering a variety of groups based on:

Seasons of Life
- Married / Single
- Youth / Young Adults
- Grief share - Divorce Care
- Men / Women
- Seniors etc

Spiritual Growth
- Life Begins
- Bible courses
- Prayer / Evangelism
- Experiencing God
- Theology

Special Interest
- Finance
- Faith and Fitness
- Marriage Preparation
- Marriage Enrichment
- Scrapbooking
- Golf etc.


  • New groups and or topics will be offered every trimester
    Our groups will rotate in fresh new topics that are relevant to the current issues of life, along with sound Biblical teaching to provide spiritual growth for each person.
  • Easier Enrollment Process
    Designated open enrollment period using the New Life website, app, or sign up table. We are providing calendar and schedules for groups types, days, and dates in advance.
  • You Control Your Growth Tract
    With many more groups structures offered throughout the year, you will now be able to take better control of your spiritual growth tract.
  • Facilitation Opportunities
    With new facilitator training, shorter commitments, and clear requirements on how to become a facilitator, our new life groups format will give people with a unique expertise the opportunity to facilitate a life group.

*Anyone can participate in a New Life Fellowship Life Group but you must enroll during the open enrollment period to participate in the current trimester.

Key Target Dates for the Launch of Our New Life Group Format

Nov 17
The 2020 Life Group calendar will be available Online / Mobile App / Welome Center Handouts - We’ll provide times, dates, and descriptions for the winter session and the designated promotion and enrollment times.

Nov 17 - Dec 1
Early Enrollment for the Winter session - Participants can enroll online, on the app, or at the welcome center. This will help to ensure you are able to get connected into the group that best meets your needs. There will be surprises, and recognition for those enrolling early!!

Dec 2 - Jan 12
Regular Enrollment for the Winter session Participants can enroll online, on the app, or at the welcome center.

Jan 5 - 10
RESET - It’s a time for individual & congregational fasting and prayer. As a congregation one of our prayers will be for our Life Groups to experience spiritual growth, community, fellowship, friendship, reconciliation and service.

Jan 13 - Mar 30
Winter Life Group Session Begins - This is It!!! This is the start of the Winter Life Group session. All groups will begin their weekly gatherings. The Winter Session Life Groups will be closed for enrollment on January 13.