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Reset 2018

Have you ever been at a place in life where you wish you could just start all over?

Sometimes our technology can get stuck on stupid. Our computers don’t compute. Our printers don’t print and our phones just don’t work. So what do we do? Reset! There are many times when our technology is just not operating at optimal capacity. So we must reset, restart, and refresh our devices to get them back to their optimal technological capacity.

In the same way, we as Christ-followers can get bogged down in the cares of this life. Our lives can become so cluttered with finances, careers, family, relationships, etc,. These things can hinder our spiritual growth and cause us to miss out on what God is doing in our midst. The bible teaches us:

Only fear the Lord and serve Him in truth with all your heart… - 1 Samuel 12:24

But if we are so burdened with our own cares, we cannot serve God in truth with all our heart. In these times, we are no good to ourselves, to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, or to the lost world. So what do we do? Reset!

We need times to reset, and refresh our lives so that we are operating our optimal spiritual capacity.

Unfortunately in life, there are no fancy RESET buttons we can pushto start over. There are no magic words to make the problems of life disappear. However, there are some things we can do to REASSESS, REPRIORITIZE and RECOMMIT to living our lives in a way that honors God, draws us closer to Jesus Christ and to our families.

What is RESET?
Reset is a time when we, as a church body, come together for fasting and prayer. It is a time to refresh our relationships with God. It is a time to get back on track with His purpose, His vision, and His priority.

During reset, we position ourselves back to where God called us to be; back to the place of optimal usefulness for His glory and for our good.

As New Life Fellowship closes out 2017 and launches into 2018, our desire is that you and your family would draw closer than ever to Christ and one another.

For that to take place, reassessment, reflection, prayer and fasting must take place.

How do we RESET?

  • Step 1: Commit to pray and fast January 8-12
  • Step 2: Assess 2017 life rhythms, habits, current priorities, time wasters, spending habits, physical fitness, personal idols etc…
  • Step 3: Determine your RESET commitments for 2018 (Personal, Family, Church, Community)
  • Step 4: Jump start your RESET journey using your S.O.A.P. Self Feeding Devotional Plan - download your S.O.A.P. guide

Other Fasting Resources
download the Daniel Fasting Recipe Guide

The Daniel Fast - For the Spirt, Soul and Body

Be sure to also take advantage of times of corprorate fellowship and prayer during RESET:

  • Mon., Jan. 8 @ 7pm - ENTIRE CHURCH KICK-OFF
  • Wed., Jan. 10 @ 7pm - Gather together for worship then break out FOR MEN, WOMEN, & YOUTH
  • Fri., Jan 12 @ 7pm - break the fast with your family, friends or at the church