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In keeping with New Life Fellowship’s framework of continuously providing ways to biblically and creatively challenge our members to grow in God’s Word, we will be implementing an initiative called GrowN365.  

GrowN365 has as its goal: 

To grow the members of New Life Fellowship in the Word of God from where they currently are to where they would like to be over the span of the next 365 days.

GrowN365 will focus on 3 primary areas:

  • Monthly SOAP passages - Click Here 
  • Scripture Memorization  - Click Here
  • A 365-day Bible Reading Plan (2 options) - Click Here

Each month, passages will be provided via the church’s website, to be used for your personal Bible Study/devotion, primarily using the SOAP method to go deeper in God’s Word and to challenge each of us to incorporate an intentional and regular time of learning more about God through His Word.     If you are new to using SOAP as a method of Bible study, we will also provide information, to provide instruction in how the SOAP method works.

Along with the SOAP passages, we will also provide a verse each month, for you to commit to memory.   It is our hope that after just one year, each of us will have at least 12 bible scriptures memorized!!   For those who wish to be challenged with learning more than just one verse per month, we will also provide you with several websites and or apps that have been created to grow individuals in the area of scripture memorization…you can customize your memory verses based upon a topic, doctrine, fundamental to salvation and the Christian faith etc.

Finally, many of our members have asked about provide a Bible Reading Plan.   We will offer 2 options.   Option 1:  If you are new to reading the bible on a daily basis, you may wish to pick this plan.   It is known as the 5x5x5 plan.    It has as its goal:  Read for approximately 5 minutes each day; 5 days a week with 5 minutes per week set aside for just reflection, you will go through the entire New Testament in 365 days.  We will provide you the calendar to follow.

Option 2:   If you have always wanted to go through the entire Bible, we will provide you a calendar and a reading plan, that will position you to complete the entire Bible in 365 days.   The reading assignments will go in the order of the Bible from Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21.

Each of these disciplines has as their central goal; growing your relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ.   Whether it is through the SOAP Bible study method; memory verses; and or the Bible Reading plan, we want to provide you with a structure that will assist you in the process.